Goalkeeping Tips to win Full Athletic Scholarships at the College NCAA Level….


  • Perfection at crosses.- (Have good timing and punching technique, catch balls in crowded area. Be vocal, demonstrate an excellent presence and be intimidating)

Top Goalkeepers

  • Accuracy.- (Punts, side volleys, throws, quick counter attacks from punts, directed punches to clear balls, one touch passes, one touch clearances, both feet technical ability with left and right passes, accuracy, accuracy, accuracy)

Roberto Abbondanzieri

  • Leadership.- (Lead by example, be early, “early 15 minute rule”. Be the one in charge and promote effective communication skills)

Gianluigi Buffon

  • Personality.- (Have a dominant personality. Be a: Problem Solver, Self-Starter, “Stay after training to do crosses, abs and core exercises” and work with challenges. Demonstrate decisiveness, persistence and enthusiasm)

Oliver Kahn

  • Innovative.- (Create ideas and viewpoints, train without supervision, initiate activities, inspire teammates with details)

Rene Higuita

  • Be a sweeper.- (Ability to step out of your box and play with your feet, read the game, be alert, cut through balls, have self-confidence)

Manuel Neuer

  • Athleticism.- (Be a monster)

Peter Schmeichel

Iker Casillas

  • Positioning.- (The less you dive the better goalkeeper you are; good positioning reduces the need to dive)

Gordon Banks

  • Be the greatest of your time

Lev Yashin


by Carlos A. Suarez Sanguino, MBA – Former NCAA D I Goalkeeper