Nicolas Arce Zambrana


  • Club Blooming
  • Looking to play at the Collegiate Level
  • 155 lb – 5′ 11
  • Goalkeeper

Jorge Nicolas Arce Zambrana is a Goalkeeper from Bolivia. He currently plays for the youth academy of Blooming, a first division professional team in Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He has plenty of experience at international and local youth levels. Wants to study Business Administration.

Personal Information

Name: Jorge Nicolas Arce Zambrana
(Date of Birth): 05/09/1997
Nacionality: Bolivian

Academic Information

High school: Mayor San Lorenzo
Position: Goalkeeper
Height : 5’10 ft
Weight: 155 Lb

-Participated in the Association of Football in Santa Cruz, Bolivia

-Played Varsity in Mayor San Lorenzo High School for 4 years

Head Coach

Alejandro Villegas (Club Blooming)

Cell phone : ( +591) 70871037
+ 591 76323099
Barrio Hamacas calle 5 Oeste 3500
Santa Cruz Bolivia