Victor Villagomez


  • Saint Bennedicts Prep
  • Forward #10
  • 41 goals scored in 2013-2014 (St. Benedict’s Prep)
  • Class of 2016

Victor is a former Tahuichi player from Santa Cruz, Bolivia. He has scored 41 goals in two seasons with Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School, Newark, NJ. Has a lot of International experiencie playing in many different tournaments including countries as Brazil, Bolivia, United States and Paraguay. Victor’s speed and technique with the ball are impressive.

Personal Information

Name: Victor Villagomez
Date of Birth: 02/21/1997
Nacionality: Bolivian

Academic Information

High school: Saint Benedict’s Preparatory School
GPA: 2.8
Height: 5.5 ft
Weight: 141 lb

Forward, Right footed

Recruited by St. Benedict’s Prep

St. Benedict’s Prep State Champions 2012, 2013, 2014
St. Benedict’s Prep National Champions 2013, 2014

Top scorer in Brazil U 15, with Tahuichi Soccer Academy

Player of Tahuichi soccer Academy, Santa Cruz Bolivia
Jugador Tahuichi, Santa Cruz – Bolivia


Former Coaches:

Jimmie Wandling
Cedar Stars Academy

Sylvers Owusu, St. Benedict’s Prep
+ 591 76323099
Barrio Hamacas calle 5 Oeste 3500
Santa Cruz Bolivia

United States contact information

Sports For Success

(201) 920-5613